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5 Lessons learned during a 2-month hiatus

I am Sarang and I am the founder of Wolfe Strategies, an accounting and consulting firm focused solely on helping restaurants, cafes and bars around the world make their back-office operations more efficient and therefore, allowing owners the time and flexibility in growing their business. This has always been my firm’s motto over the past five years that we have proudly and passionately worked with the F&B industry.

Five years ago, none of us would have even imagined how 2020 would turn out to be. “Unprecedented” would certainly be the word of this year and just like everyone in this world, my firm has felt the impact of COVID-19. We have had to unfortunately furlough some of our amazing team members and request others to take pay cuts in order for us to survive through this storm. And I am deeply thankful and grateful to my team that they have responded positively and proactively in helping the company.

Looking at the firm’s marketing and social media posts, the last we connected with the world was on 30 March 2020 and as of 27 May 2020, we have been in hiatus for about 2 months absorbing the shock of COVID-19, understanding and observing how this world is reacting to the pandemic, especially our friends in the F&B industry and planning on how best we can support restaurants, cafes and bars as we return back to business.

Let’s start with 5 lessons that we ourselves have learned during our hiatus:

  1. Medical = Obviously, to listen and pay attention to the medical advice in our region and maintain the required hygiene, social distancing and isolation standards as set by the relevant experts

  2. Connection = More than ever, this pandemic has shown that we all live in a hyper-connected world and myself and my team have worked on bolstering genuine partnerships and relationships with friends, family and business associates

  3. Strength = Be it physical or mental. Stories of individuals overcoming COVID-19 challenges physically and psychologically have inspired us to not lose hope or give up in these challenging times

  4. Gratitude = Every individual on this planet has suffered from COVID-19, some worse than others. This has driven a further sense of gratefulness in us for the opportunities, health and wellbeing that we have fortunate to possess

  5. Creativity = An awesome friend of ours says “You can't create when you are stressed”. It’s true. More than ever now, creativity is required to come out of this pandemic stronger and leaner and we hope to lead by example

Over the coming days and weeks, we will be posting ideas on how restaurants, cafes and bars can implement strategies to earn revenue, survive and ultimately emerge stronger out of these uncertain times

And we would love to hear your experiences as well as ideas that have worked for you. So feel free to write to us on

To a better, wiser and kinder tomorrow,

Sarang Mandke


Wolfe Strategies

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