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[UK companies] Restarting your business post-lockdown

The UK government announced a roadmap out of lockdown in early March 2021 and the general public as well as businesses can look forward to resumption of outdoor activities in the near future. For companies, especially those in the hospitality industry, they could start looking forward to welcoming guests through their doors. There are still a number of factors which restaurants, cafes and bars should be aware of. Briefly put, reopening hospitality would involve these steps:

1. Subject to Government advice, effective 12 April 2021, Restaurants and pub gardens will be allowed to serve customers sitting outdoors - including alcohol.

2. There will be no need for customers to order a substantial meal with alcohol, and no curfew - although customers must order, eat and drink while seated.

3. It is also good practice to implement the following procedures:

a) Encourage staff to wear masks (even if they are fully vaccinated);

b) Maintain vigilant hygiene including sanitizing tables and chairs after every seating;

c) Hourly washrooms sanitization procedures;

d) Arranging furniture and equipment at your outlets that allows for adequate social distancing

e) Displaying signs prominently throughout your outlets to encourage guests to follow current government guidelines for their safety

f) Making hand sanitizer available for guests to use

While we await further details from the government on re-opening, we have collated mini-guides below aimed at supporting businesses in the hospitality industry in UK. This global pandemic has taken a heavy toll on all, ever more so on restaurants, cafes and bars. The past few months especially have been challenging as businesses cope with delivery and takeaway-only options. So we hope that the following guides help you prepare for re-opening as well as sustaining your businesses over the long term

Disclaimer: The information in this article and the mini-guides is based on publicly available information. While we take every effort to keep the guides up-to-date, you should not solely rely on them for your business decisions. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at

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